Chief Social Organizer (CSO) Job Description


Chief Social Organizer (CSO) Job Description

Chief Social Organizer (CSO) Job Description
Chief Social Organizer (CSO) Job Description

Purpose of Position:

Rural Support Programme is a Nonpolitical, Non-Religious, Non-Governmental and Not for Profit Organization, striving to bring improvement in the wellbeing of the rural communities of Country, with presence throughout Country. The overall mission is to facilitate the establishment and improvement of sustainable livelihoods of the rural poor in country level. Organization has finalized the Chief Social Organizer Job Description and Term of References as follow.

V i s i o n:

“A prosperous Balochistan where people especially the poor and women are provided with equal livelihood opportunities and are not socially and economically excluded”.

M i s s i o n:

“To harness potential of the rural poor to help themselves, assume control of local development and improve their standard of living”.

The Position:

The Chief Social Organizer shall report to the Coordinator HID and indirectly Senior Program Officer HID at head office level in programmatic matters as far as operational level he will report to the District Coordinator and responsible for the efficient implementation of SM/HID related field activities at district level.


The Chief Social Organizer shall work in close cooperation with other field staff for execution of all activities and expected to maintain close cooperation with the targeted local communities, local political and religious leaders, to be able to mobilize these to take active part in planned activities. The Chief Social Organizer will have management responsibilities over Field Unit level on programme staff and CRPs.

Chief Social Organizer must ensure:

S t r a t e g i c i n p u t :

·    Assist Coordinator and Senior Program Officer HID in documenting immediate outcome of the HID related interventions by providing success stories, lesson learnt, good practices and way forward.

P r o g r a m m e M a n a g e m e n t :

·    Implementation of district specific strategic plans including field units in alignment of organization’s vision & mission.

T e a m M a n a g e m e n t :

·    Setup processes and assign responsibilities to SM/HID team members including (CRPs) accordingly.

·    Train, Coach and develop FU SM/HID team as far as CRPs to achieve the department’s objectives to assist Organization’s goals.

Primary Functions of the Job:

  1. Responsible for the supervision, technical backstopping and monitoring of: Three tier social mobilization process, record keeping at (District, FU and community) level, daily dairy writing, Integration of social mobilization activities at FU level, daily/weekly/monthly planning, reporting of social mobilization activities at (district and FU) level. 
  2. To organize and conduct staff and community based trainings on needs basis and formerly coordinate, plan, supervise & execute the trainings with the support of programme staff and trained CRPs/resource persons, and keep trainings reports, complete/updated databases of these trainings in the prescribed MIS at district level.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Provide strategic guidelines to the HID Section for identification and assessment of needs for untrained staff through Training Need Assessment (TNA), budgeting, organization and conducting trainings periodically as far as responsible to develop the capacity of untrained staff through approach of on job training at district & provincial level.
  2. Prepare comprehensive district training plans on monthly, quarterly and annual basis for the community based trainings as per specified in the project approved work plan.
  3. Responsible to develop, assist and compile training material in HRD with the support of BRSP Office HID Section (Develop and design manuals/modules as per the needs of the programme).
  4. Preparation of activity proposals and budgets for staff and community based trainings as per the specification of programme preambles.
  5. Responsible to compile and complete trainings databases at district level (both output and outcome based quality data) as far as record keeping of both staff and community based trainings in the district (hard & staff).
  6. Regular studying the implementation of learned based skills of staff and community based trainings and its conversion into practices.
  7. Responsible for preparing monthly, quarterly, bi-annual & annual Reports on staff and community based training activities (both output and outcome based quality trainings).
  8. Seek Guidance from DC/SPO HRD and Coordinator HID in case of issues in the assigned work.
  9. Share reports to HID section Head office BRSP with MOVs on all training activities and related information of the district.
  10. Help SOs/CRPs in Identification /assessment of beneficiaries through Poverty Score Card as Baseline at district level.
  11. Help CRPs in development of their respective UC work plans.

Responsible for supervision and technical backstopping on the following items to the FU in social mobilization activities carried out through SMTs and CRPs:

  1. Institutional Development i.e. three tier social mobilization (COs, VOs, LSOs)
  2. Record keeping at District, FU and community level
  3. Writing Daily dairies (Personal & staff both)
  4. Integration of social mobilization activities at FU level with all project components
  5. Develop Daily/weekly/monthly plans (Projects, Individuals, staff & personal both)
  6. Reporting of social mobilization activities at district and FU level
  7. Guide and Assist Social Organizers by making contacts with and organizing local communities in the most appropriate forms of organization (in the given situational context).
  8. Update databases for all social mobilization activities including outcome tracking of CIs at FU and district level.
  9. Responsible for the record keeping/CIs folders of social mobilization activities in hard at communities, FU and district level.
  10. Responsible to hold trainings of local leaders and activists on different trainings envisaged under the programme at community, FU and district level.
  11. Monitoring of social mobilization activities, their record at (District and FU level), writing daily dairy, daily/weekly/monthly planning, reporting of social mobilization activities at (district and FU) level and develop monitoring reports (for personal and staff both).
  12. Strategic guidelines, facilitate and supervise to manage interventions other than social mobilization activities envisaged in the programme i.e. social feasibilities of CPIs, Livelihood, CIF etc at FU and district level.
  13. Responsible for the collection and provision of primary and secondary data of the district and UCs to HID and PMER section.
  14. Help SMT team in Identification /assessment of beneficiaries through Poverty Score Card as Baseline to use for the interventions envisaged in the programme.
  15. Assist the project staff/ districts in troubleshooting of the issues arise during the implementation of project intervention and capacity building programmes.
  16. Assist the district teams in development of success stories/ case studies of the project interventions.
  17. Provide Support to the districts teams in registration and account opening process of community institutions.
  18. Assist DC in presentation of the district on HID achievements in different forums and consolidate the relevant data.
  19. Make sure that all programme under HID are inclusive and measures are taken for all cross-cutting themes during the implementation of the projects.
  20. Responsible to develop liaison with relevant Local Line Departments, NGOs, philanthropists, religious and political leaders etc in the districts to support the programme interventions at FU and District level.
  21. Facilitation in making harmony in all sections for better implementation of the programme activities at FU and district level.
  22. Facilitate and participate to organize & conduct weekly/monthly progress review meetings.
  23. Responsible for monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual progress reports of the FU and district.
  24. Seek guidance from District Coordinator in case of problems in the assigned work.
  25. Carry out any task assigned by DPM/SPO SM/Coordinator HID/Manager SMPL.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

·    Programme Deliverables.

·    Timely and successful completion of projects deliverables.

·    Timely and accurate Internal Reporting.

·    Capacity building of District Programme implementation teams.



Internal and External Interactions:

·    D i s t r i c t C o o r d i n a t o r s : Close coordination with Coordinator & Senior Program Officer HID and Districts Coordinators for uniformity of implementation strategy and approach.

·    HID T e a m : to coordinate and ensure quality of HID activities along with community participation.

·    Program Officer F i n a n c e & A c c o u n t s : To ensure provision of required documents after activity conduction.

·    Go v t . O f f i c i a l s / o t h e r e n t i t i e s : Strong liaison with community institutions.


D i r e c t :

·    SM/HID staff & Community Resource Persons (CRPs)

I n d i r e c t :

·    NA

F u n c t i o n a l l y :

·    Districts Coordinator

Knowledge & Skills:

·    Organization’s Vision, Mission & Goals.

·    Related local law, guidelines and standards.

·    livelihood opportunities.

·    Negotiation skills.

·    Computer Skills.


·    People’s Person.

·    Positive and optimistic.

·    Collaborative.

·    Open to new ideas.

Experience and Education:

·    At least 3 Years of diverse working Experience with min 1 years of relevant working Experience.

·    Masters (Social Sciences).

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