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Copywriting Learning 0 Degree:


Someone asked me a question, Sana, Do I need a degree in copywriting to become a copywriter?


You don’t need a master’s degree in copywriting in fact, I don’t know if there is even such a thing in the school system you see. You don’t learn copywriting from Professors because what have they sold with the copy they’re teaching in school now.

How I learned copywriting was I was fortunate enough to be able to learn it from a mentor, who taught me how marketing works you see I’ll give you three simple tips if you want to learn copywriting.

Copywriter First Tip:

First of all, you don’t need to learn in school, you should learn copywriting from actual copywriters, person should sell millions and millions of worth of products and services in the actual marketplace, because they are speaking from experience that is the first step.

You want to learn from actual copywriters and this is why the coffee academy is so powerful because you have actual copywriters, who have been doing it for years with decades of experience and who have sold millions and millions of dollars worth of products and services teaching you and other guys. How they write copy that’s the first tip.

Copywriter Second Tip:

You need to learn the structure of a good sales message, how you write the headline, and how to write an opening paragraph, how to write emails are the basic fundamental of persuasion in human psychology because that’s what makes you a good copywriter. That’s is the second tip.

Copywriter Third Tip:

You need to be able to get critiques not good enough, you need to be able to get feedback from master copywriters telling you, what this chunk, you can change it this way, you should write it this way, this kind of feedback loop and how you get good and all three components you get the mall from the coffee academy.

You get a world-class education from actual master copywriters, you get critiques and you get structures exactly how to craft those messages and you get in-depth training in different areas of copywriting such as emails, such as chatbots, such as video, sales letters, or landing pages or funnels.

You can pick and choose now, in the beginning, you want to learn a lot, you want to go abroad once you find your area of interest within copywriting then you can narrow it down.

You do not need to get into hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt or spend four years in school learning copywriting learn do learn practice learn to get critiques and that shows you get good and that’s how I got good is the only way that I know to be a skillful copywriter.

How Long Should You Write For Each Day As A Copywriter?

how much time per day, do you spend copywriting so let’s say if you want to be a good swimmer. What do you need to do? Do you need to swim or want to be a good golfer?

You need golf if you want to become a good copywriter you need to write. so the beginning of my career in, my early 20s I was writing every day for anywhere from two-three four hours sometimes five-six hours.

I was just writing and I’m not talking about typing, I’m talking about the pen I like a notepad a stack of paper and I was just writing every day. Because I was so hungry, I wanted to be good!!!

It’s the only way that you’ll get good, so if you are just starting out, I don’t care how much you’re right, How much more care about you develop the habit of writing every single day.

I’d rather you write something every single day 20 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day at the very minimum. I would say 30 minutes a day because it takes you at least a few minutes to get into it then just you spend 3 hours one-day writing and then you don’t write anything for a week because you want to condition your mind right you want to keep honing their skill.

So if you’re serious I mean a serious copywriter a minimum kind of 30 minutes copywriting and work out think of it left-back like that way, you’re going to the gym and you’re writing every single day consistently no matter what and ideally, you’d do it this at the same time.

Now you might do it in the morning, you might do it in the evening because you may be more creative in the evening but that habit of writing every single day is minimum, I mean a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

If you want to improve faster than I would say 60 minutes to even 90 minutes a day that’s what would be my recommendation, and that’s what I teach all my students as well in my high income copywriting program by the way if you want to check out the free masterclass make sure you click on below or if you’re not so sure what exactly is copywriting, and how do people actually make a living doing it you can also check out that masterclass by clicking a link below as well until next time.

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