17 Best and Free WooCommerce Plugins for Your Store

17 Best and Free WooCommerce Plugins for Your Store

WooCommerce Plugins:

Today we’ll show you the best WooCommerce plugins for your store and how they can help you increase sales and grow your business plus many are free or free to start with.

Optinmonster (WooCommerce Plugin):

Optinmonster is the most powerful conversion and software in the market. It helps you to convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers. That’s why it’s the number one plugin in our list of the best WooCommerce plugins. You can use it on your eCommerce website for the following.

  • Reduce card abandonment
  • Increase Sales Conversion
  • Grow your Email List
  • Show the targeted message to the right person at the right time
  • add up sales, cross-sales, and more

While the main website doesn’t show the free plan for Optinmonster. If you actually go in your WordPress dashboard and install Optinmonster. You will be able to get a free account and that’s something because you’re a wp beginner user reading this blog. Most people don’t know this now. What are some of the popular use cases for Optinmonster with WooCommerce?

The biggest one that we see is floating header and footer bars. So these sticky bars that you see at the top of the page where you can use to announce new sales, new product launches, maybe a free shipping offer, or something like that.

You can also use it to add countdown timers. Which basically says, hey here’s a 10 off limited time offer that’s going to be expiring. So it uses the fear of missing out. So it works really well. You can add geo-targeted pop-ups so you can show a custom offer to somebody in Spain, maybe in Spanish or somebody in Miami. If you have local discounts for people in Miami and any other country, so on, and another really really popular use that we’ve seen of Optinmonster among WooCommerce customers.

Those spin-over pop-up campaigns, so it adds that gamification to your WooCommerce store. You can say, “feeling lucky” spin and get the user’s email address in exchange for a coupon offer. You give up them if you’re serious about boosting your sales growing your email list and recovering those abandoned sales. You need Optinmonster as part of your WooCommerce toolkit.

All-In-One SEO (AIOSEO):

AIO SEO is the best SEO plugin for WooCommerce stores on the market. It’s used by over 2 million users and it’s the most comprehensive SEO toolkit that helps you improve your search engine rankings without learning SEO. I like to say it’s like your own little SEO assistant on your website. You can set it up dynamically to generate the titles and tags for your products. Everybody knows AIO SEO is super important to have for all of your products on your site but the cool thing about is you could go in and easily add and manually add the titles and descriptions individually.

If you want to boost particular products, even more, it’ll automatically generate XML sitemaps for products as well as product categories. This will help the search engines easily find all your products. So they can serve them up in search engine rankings. Now it supports rich snippet schema markup and those are those cool features in search engines.

Where you have the five star or you have how much a product is this just helps the product stand out even more in the search results and it should bring you even more traffic with an all-in-one. They also include local SEO so if you’re big and local, they do product image SEO and other features and then all of them just help you create your WooCommerce store. It helps them compete in the search engine results for higher rankings.

Monster Insights (WooCommerce Plugin):

Monster Insights is the best google analytics plugin for woo-commerce stores. I truly believe that you can’t improve what you can’t measure. Monster insights help you do exactly. it helps you see the stats that matter. So you can grow your online store with data-driven decisions. It comes with enhanced e-commerce tracking. So you can track every single bit of what’s happening in your store right inside google analytics. It brings that data back inside your WordPress dashboard, so you don’t even have to figure out or learn the google analytics dashboard. It shows your conversion rate, your number of transactions, revenue average, and order value.

  • What are your top products?
  • Which countries are bringing you the most sales?
  • How many people are adding items to the card?
  • How many people are removing people items from the card?

Tons of useful data that allows you to improve your WooCommerce store and continue to get more sales. It even has some really high-level conversion tracking which lets you deliver a more personalized experience to your users using custom dimensions. Test that monster insights also help you integrate with google optimize. So you can run A+B tests on your pricing pages on your checkout pages without adding any extra line of code on your site.

SeedProduct (WooCommerce Plugin):

SeedProduct is a perfect WordPress page builder plugin on the market. It has built-in support with WooCommerce. So it means if you want to create a particular product landing page or you want to do a sales page. You want to do a completely customized checkout page or a cart page because sometimes the WooCommerce cart page just doesn’t look good.

So it will do that perfectly for you. It’ll help you create pages on demand using their initiative drag and drop page folder. So you can create anything on the fly quickly. It also comes with professionally dozens of professionally designed templates. So you can make it exactly, how you want but you don’t have to start from scratch right out the gate. It’s completely compatible with WooCommerce. You just select the templates choose what you need and add it plus.

They have built-in support for different WooCommerce blocks. So now you can add product carts checkouts and more with their landing pages. The cool thing about the plugin, if you already have a WooCommerce thing that you want to continue to work on or work with and you don’t have to change themes.

This doesn’t rely on any of the themes but you can change anything up as you want. So you can create stunning product pages without any limitations.

WP Mail SMTP (WooCommerce Plugin):

WP mail SMTP is the plugin that has a very long name and a lot of people wonder what the heck does it. Do first over two million website owners use it because it helps ensure that all of your WooCommerce emails are actually getting delivered to your customer’s inboxes. So now if you know your WooCommerce store will send receipt emails password reset, emails user registration, emails subscription, reminder emails, and all of that by default.

The WordPress hosting servers are not properly configured to send emails as a matter of fact. Most of the big email companies like Gmail or Microsoft, they block those emails. So you need an SMTP plugin to make sure that email actually makes it to the customer’s inbox. WP Mail SMTP does its integration plugin. It helps you to connect your WordPress site with a highly reliable email service like Amazon SES maybe mail gun or SendGrid or smtp.com. So you can use it to ensure that every single email that’s being sent by your WooCommerce store actually makes it to your customer’s inbox. It really helps you grow your business.

Affiliate WP (WooCommerce Plugin):

Affiliate WP is the best affiliate tracking and management plug-in for WooCommerce. You can set up your own affiliate program. You can encourage others to use and promote your products when someone signs up then they get a specific link. They can share and they can get a commission. it’s a very cost-effective solution. There are no monthly service fees that are on top of it.

You control every aspect of this it also comes with detailed reports. You can see the tracking the link clicks that people have the sales and automatic payments. It’s also very customizable so you can limit the program to just a certain few hand-picked members or you can just let anyone join. If you want they also include a payout service so right from within your dashboard, you can pay out your affiliates to make it super easy for them.

You can also choose anywhere from PayPal stripe or any other online payment gateway for that service as an alternative. You can also use easy affiliate it’s also a great option to create self-hosted affiliate programs for your online store.


Now whenever I’m at a marketing conference, people ask me Does wooCommerce have the features like click funnels, one-click, upsells, and order bumps. So on that, you didn’t use to be the case. It wasn’t available in the past until woo funnels came to the market and they really make it super easy essentially. Funnels is a no-code sales funnel builder which helps, you capture more leads and increase order value. it will do timely follow-up campaigns with customers and other e-commerce automation features that are proven to boost your revenue. Some of the features that really like about them.

  • It comes with a lot of high converting sales funnel templates built-in which works with both the WordPress block editor and the full site editing as well as other popular page builders like elementor.
  • They have the ability to add one-click upsell, so you can increase profits without increasing traffic or ad spend simply by presenting a complimentary one-click upsell offer. Immediately after somebody completes checkout, you can also add order bumps which are essentially complementary product upsells on the checkout. Which is proven to grow your revenue by up to 30 percent.
  • They have several different checkout templates which is just point and click. You can essentially turn your WooCommerce checkout page to look like a Shopify checkout page which has a very high conversion rate.
  • You can add multi-step order forms express pay options and so on one of the things that i really like about funnels. It has many of the features that really help you take your WooCommerce store from a conversion point of view to the next level like dynamic offers.
  • You show the relevant offer to the right person it has built-in testing really in-depth analytics and if you’re doing any kind of PPC ad spend. It has the conversion tracking of the pixel events built-in, so you don’t have to rely on a third-party plug-in that does recently.
  • What they have done is they came out with lightweight marketing automation and CRM tool for WooCommerce called Auronami and it gives you a 360-degree view of the contact and the customer. So you can get insights about every customer, what was the last order date, what was the average order value, what’s the total revenue you’ve generated from this customer, all in one place and it also comes with several automated campaigns like lead nurturing welcome series post-purchase of sales card, abandonment emails. So on and it connects with all of your popular newsletter services like activecampaign and so on that’s why funnels is the new addition to our must-have plugins in the woocommerce stores.

WP Forms:

WP forms everyone familiar with it and you need a contact form on your site and WP forms lets you create any type of forms including a contact form, online surveys. You can do polls and so much more with over 4 million website users using WP forms including many WooCommerce store owners. It’s so easy and powerful with the lite version. You can get created, you can create a simple contact form but then take it a step further with the Pro version. It can create advanced features like form abandonment form, conversational form meaning. You can ask the questions in a certain level so it’s not inundating them with all of the form fields. They need to fill out you can also do a conditional logic. You can create to really improve your form conversions on your site.

Uncanny Automator:

It is one of my most favorite plugins, Its part of the WP beginner growth fund. It’s a WordPress automation plugin, the way to think about. It is like zapier for WordPress which makes your WordPress site talk to other plugins and other services. So you can automate your daily routine tasks to save time for example, you can use it to automatically create a new customer account whenever someone submits a contact form. WooCommerce store owners spend a lot of time performing repetitive tasks.

Uncanny automator essentially saves you time by automating those tasks, you can for example use the WooCommerce triggers like a user adds a product to card and immediately send them an email. If you have the email address, you can take it when an order is received, you can notify yourself on inside your slack or send a SMS notification or transfer order data from your WordPress database to your google sheets and so on it’s really powerful plugin uncanny automator, not just for woocommerce site but any wordpress site. If you want to save time I highly encourage you to check out this plugin. This has been really moving up in my list of my most favorite plugins of all time.

Live Chat:

If you have a WooCommerce store then you probably know that a large portion of customers abandon their carts before completing. It’s as high as 67 percent and that’s just because customers they want an instant answer before they complete that purchase. Live chat is the best support software on the market.

It allows you to easily add live chat to your WooCommerce store so you can answer those queries answer, those questions really quickly to help customers make and complete purchase you can convert users into customers before.

They abandon their carts with live chat. They work with google analytics and all top email marketing service platforms out there as well as CRM software now. If you want you can also set up something like chat bots which is not exactly a live chat but it can help automate a lot of the e-commerce live chat options on your site.

Advanced Coupons:

Advanced coupons is a very nice but really powerful WooCommerce coupon code plugin in the market. It essentially extends the limited WooCommerce coupon functionality and allow you to create better coupon offers. You can use advanced coupons to run bogo offers like buy one get one free, you can give the users the ability to apply coupon via with specific links.

You can schedule coupons if you’re running a timely sale, let’s say during christmas or a different holiday you can make sure that the coupon goes live on a certain day and expire a certain day.

You can auto apply coupons, you can have free shipping coupons so let’s say if somebody has an order value of over $150, then they get free shipping and so on they recently also have added loyalty programs as part of advanced coupons and this plugin is although. It started out to be a very niche thing.

It is adding more and more features that are designed to help store owners make more money and advanced coupon has a free version. I encourage you to start with and if you need any of the pro versions definitely go for it.


I always smile when we think about it because it works in action it’s the fear of missing out and social proof notification app and it will help skyrocket. Your conversions and sales just a little piece of code or a little piece of item that comes down in the corner when somebody buys and it tells everyone else, hey somebody just bought from your website.

People like it when they see other people making choices before they make up their own mind and so this gives them a little bit more social proof that gives them a little nudge to go ahead and make that purchase as well. They make it very easy to set up.

You can install it without coding required. You can customize it to look and feel like your website and it can also smartly target pages or products. Where you want to run a campaign and add an on fire notification that shows just how many more people are taking action in a given period and just really increases that fear of missing out.

Now for best results you also want to run multiple campaigns that target different customers viewing different products or pages it’s almost like segmentation for your website. You also get a full live stream of actions that takes by the users and it gives a detailed analytics report to help you optimize though can the campaigns.

Wholesale Suite:

Wholesale Suite for WooCommerce now if you are a store owner who has bulk discounts or you have wholesale. You know prices for your larger customers plug-in that you need to have to enable wholesaling inside WooCommerce. It’s basically a suite of three different plugins that allow you to have wholesale pricing, wholesale checkout and a wholesale order form. It’s super easy to set up. It’s the most popular plugin of its kind and it’s highly recommended.

It has a free version and then has you know the paid versions as well. But if you have and needs to do wholesale pricing then this is the plug-in that you need the wholesale suite for woocommerce.

Search WP:

It is the powerful WordPress search plugin that will offer an alternative to the default WordPress search on your on your store with the WooCommerce extension. It can make super easy for customers to search your online store by relevance and quickly find the products that they’re looking for with search WP.

It goes beyond just using the content on your product pages to look up things. It can also index everything including custom fields on your site. You can do text files pdf documents product attributes taxonomies meaning the categories and tags on your site and more.

You can also use it to add live index search meaning. If somebody’s typing it automatically starts to bring back these search results based on what they’re typing. You can even create your own relevance scale in the plugin and this just will adjust the search algorithm without editing any code and this will provide a lot more flexibility and customization for improving searching on your website using search WP.

You can also get metrics to see how customers are searching for your online store so meaning you can uncover amazing insights to find new products or product ideas that you need to do or to help boost conversions so search WP works really well with your WooCommerce store.

HubSpot CRM:

Hubspot crm now hubspot is really an all-in-one marketing toolkit. It lets you manage customer data, send personalized messages, automate all aspects of your marketing. They have a really nice WordPress plugin that automatically syncs your customer information from WooCommerce and their information. The order history all inside the central dashboard that you can then use to. It has further segmentation send shopping cart, abandonment emails. Moreover, it another follow-ups, hubspot also has some ad management. It really is a CRM ecommerce CRM and a marketing automation tool.

Hubspot has a free trial that WP beginner users can take advantage. We’ll leave the link below but you know if you can’t afford hubspot for example or you’re looking for other options there’s many others exist, drip is one of the companies. We use strip for some of our product companies. Constant contact is another option that has email marketing for WooCommerce. We’ll leave all the links below and you can check them out and they are all giving special deals for WP beginner users. You’re gonna need one of these companies. If you’re looking to implement marketing automation and email automation to your WooCommerce store.

Raffle Press:

Raffle Press is the best contest and giveaway plugin for WooCommerce stores. So you can grow your email list and get more website traffic and social media followers with viral contests and giveaways.

You can have your users participate in giveaways by performing social actions like tweeting out some of your best performing product or watching a product review video.You might have following on social media profile anything that you’re wanting to do and to grow your list or convert your traffic.

There is a portion of that you can add for media platforms and CRM systems for best results. It includes verified social actions and fraud prevention that just means they need to sign up with an email and a verified email before they can enter into the contest and just reduces bought errors and things like that just make sure your viral campaign produces real engagement and growth in your business. There’s also a free version of raffle press that event that is available and you can use for basic giveaways.


Nextiva having a phone number on your online store and can help boost trust and credibility. Now if you’re a small business owner, you don’t want to put your cell phone number up there right. You want to make sure, you only receive calls during work hours and so on nextiva is the best business phone service in my opinion.

It works seamlessly with WooCommerce. It’s essentially a virtual business phone app so you can get a unique number. That will be your business phone number but you can receive the calls on your mobile phone on your Ipad, on your desktop, on your laptop, and computers.

You can even share the same number with multiple team members set different call routing hours. So you are only receiving the calls in your time zone. You know automated greeting or auto attendant.

It really helps you to make your business look like a big business. This is the company that we use for our business phone services. It’s really powerful and you know you can get all the enterprise level features without the high cost, highly recommend nextiva and then you can also use it along with our free wordpress plugin that’s called the wordpress call button.

It lets you add a little phone icon to get more. You know calls to your business if you want to use that my free plugin sorry for the plug but I highly recommend using it along with next even okay now.

You know some of the best WooCommerce plugins for your store watch this blog next as I walk you through step by step on how to set up and configure your woocommerce store and i’ll see you over there.

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