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Softwares of Digital Marketing Agency:

You’ve heard of the saying before, hey, don’t work hard, you wanna work smart, but very often exactly what the hell does that mean? What does it mean to work smart and not just work hard? Part of it is utilizing the right tool, the right software. Nowadays, a lot of things that we are doing on a day-to-day basis, maybe you are running your digital marketing agency, you’re running your online business, and there are tools out there that can help us to run our business more effectively and more efficiently.

So in this video, Jeremy is gonna share with you the seven software that every digital marketing agency should be aware of and should use on a day-to-day basis. Enjoy.

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Hey guys, what’s going on? This is Jeremy. Today I’m coming at you with seven software that every digital marketing agency needs to have. Let’s just jump straight into it.

So these, to be clear, are seven things that I’ve used the most frequently there is a ton of different software out there that you can use without a doubt. These are just seven of the ones that I use and put the most time into.

Stripe (Digital Marketing):

Stripe I count as software because it’s a payment processor. This is where we charge all our clients on a recurring basis. This is where we collect our transactional revenue. This is where we get our revenue reports and I’m a huge fan of Stripe because believe it or not they’re head of product development and there was another guy who got on the call with me.

They reached out to me just as a user who was doing just above a couple million dollars at the time on a year-to-year basis through their platform. They just wanted to know like, hey, what can we do to make it better? What can we do to improve?

I gave him a few different insights just on things that I thought would make it cooler, no joke within a month, they updated one of those things that I recommended them to do and I was so pumped because it shows like such a massive corporation worth, I think they’re above $50 billion at this point, they’re definitely compounding that, but this is such a cool tool because it helps save you a lot of the costs of a lot of different like dashboard or reporting based tools that were typically used for like financial analytics and insights. So that’s why I’m a big fan of it in comparison to a lot of other stuff that’s out there.

ClickFunnels (Digital Marketing):

ClickFunnels is both a love and hate relationship for me at this point because they’ve gotten so big. They have over 100,000 users now. I got in at the ground floor when they had like a couple of thousand users.

I was really thankful for all of the tools that they’ve provided within this software. The main things that I use it for, there are a bunch of different little things but the main things that I use it for more than anything else are just building funnels, an absolute mandatory tool for me. There’s a bunch of different software that you could use that are similar to this.

The reason that I like ClickFunnels so much is because of the amount of revenue that they make. I like to believe in business that the more revenue and resources you have, the more support that you can provide to your community, the more features that you can have, the faster you can move and they’ve proven that to be correct time and time again in comparison to a lot of other ones that are out there. There are some other alternatives that you can use for this.

If you just, for some reason, hey, ClickFunnels like Webflow is one of ’em. I wouldn’t really recommend this one but Kartra is another one like does similar functionality and, there are all kinds of little things. Third software Kajabi. So in my agency, I like to put my clients in our consulting deals to do training.

So I like to record videos in places like this. I like to put them inside of this platform, which is like an online education tool. It allows me to create courses that we put our clients through so they become educated. It also helps us with our onboarding sequence.

So when a client comes on with us, whether it’s a consulting deal or a hands-on deal where we’re doing advertising or whatever it might be that we sold them well, we’ll actually send them a log in autonomously and we’ll be able to track what they do, how much they watch, and overall just gauge the level of engagement that they have. They also ask questions inside of this platform.

It’s also great for staff. So internally in our agency, I also am able to add our staff here that we need to train and be able to track them for what they do. It’s very cost-effective. There are a lot of different platforms out there.

Teachable’s one of them, even ClickFunnels has opportunities for you to create like memberships, but unfortunately, a lot of those different platforms don’t give you as much tracking and as much analytic data as what Kajabi does. The other ones that are available do just cost so much more money. Fourth software, ActiveCampaign.

So I’m a huge advocate for this company called Infusionsoft, which is actually the very first marketing automation like CRM system that I use. For everybody who’s watching this doesn’t know what a CRM is, Customer Relation Manager, it’s where you just upload all your contacts. It’s where you get like a record of all the different people inside of your database like you build a list there, and also enables you to email people.

So the reason I like Active Campaign so much and the reason that I recommend this instead of Infusionsoft Infusionsoft unfortunately it’s just very complex for most people, I put hours and hours and hours of my life into Infusionsoft learning.

ActiveCampaign’s really easy to pick up. It is a CRM so it does allow you to keep contacts and database records and things like that. Your salespeople can work out of it. But in addition to that, as a marketer, it helps with marketing automation.

So when people opt-in for a specific lead list that’s out there that we have, or like a lead magnet or they buy something from us, this’ where all our emails are held, where we’ll send them things, and where all these different automation will happen and where all of our ad channels will also update. Fifth software Slack. So I’m also a huge proponent of Telegram.

It’s another messaging based platform, but Slack seems to be the preference for most businesses that we work with nowadays. So as an example when we onboard a client, this is where all the real-time instant communication happens. I’m a huge fan of it because of the search functionality.

I’m also a big fan of it for the record-keeping that it does, you can send files through it. You can send videos through it, and you can obviously communicate with people that you need in real-time.

If you sign up as an account, as an agency owner, you can invite people into it. It’s a massive tool that is once again used as one of the most frequent tools. I’d say Telegram’s right up there with it but, let’s get most businesses, Telegram’s not as practical, especially when you have larger teams Slack is definitely the way to go.


So I would definitely like to highlight the entire G Suite of services here from Google that they offer. We have our emails through Google.

I use Google Sheets quite frequently. I don’t use Google Slides as much as I should, but Google Docs, oh man, I have an unbelievable amount of things that I do inside of this platform. So some of the things that I really like are just the ability to create templates. So when I write ad copy, I’m creating it in Google docs. When I create Standard Operating Procedures and SOP, I’m doing it inside of Google Docs.

I love this so much because of the search functionality. I can go in, and I can search for a document that we needed. Like, let’s say I’m writing some copy. I can go in and I can use my top hooks and headlines document with over 40 plus different great proven hooks that we’ve used through the years that have worked really well. Then I can open up an advertising copy template from, something that I previously wrote and it enables me to just so efficiently work through writing ad copy, writing email copy, writing Standard Operating Procedures.

Just once again, like an unbelievable amount of things that I use Google docs for it, it’s one of my most frequently used software out there on the internet without a doubt. It comes from one of the biggest tech companies out there Google, so a huge fan of Google Docs if you’re not using that yet. Then this one, this one’s a little less known.

Culture Index:

So they’re out of Dallas, in Fort Worth in Texas there. Culture Index has the highest percentile accuracy for personality surveys. So you’ve probably heard of things like DISC. Maybe you’ve heard of Myers-Briggs, maybe you’ve heard of one or the other personality-based software out there that tests people and tries to gauge their personality.

Literally, none of them, and I’m not biased towards the software it’s just the facts. This has 90 percentile accuracy for personality-based assessments whereas DISC, Myers-Briggs, have 80-70 percentile accuracy so you’re not getting the full picture of somebody but you think you are when you use that other software.

So I’m a big fan of this because it gives us the opportunity to see people for who they are and every time that I’ve shown it to somebody who’s filled it out, they’re wholeheartedly in agreement that that’s who they are that that’s who they feel, they act as. So benefits to this, when we work with clients we have ’em take this when we hire staff we have them take this.

Even when just I work with my students, I have them go through this and I take it because it gives me the insights on how to effectively communicate with the other person, rather than just selfishly, projecting my way of communication onto everybody. So I’m able to understand people’s motivational needs and rewards.

I’m able to just more effectively get my points across to people. Once again, more important than anything else, I’m able to have great relationships because I can understand the other person and they can also understand me. So a big fan of Culture Index from once again an agency owner perspective from my top seven most frequently used software and the things that I definitely encourage you should use as well.

If you want more cool insights like this, Sana Kakar and I, we put together the Freedom Challenge, which is a five-day live session where we go live for about two to three hours of class five days and we teach you how to start and scale your own marketing agency.

If you are already an agency owner, you need to jump into the High Ticket Agency., is an unbelievable resource, hundreds of videos put together, SOPs, digital marketing skills and tactics, team building, best ways to pitch being the video pitch, and value follow-up everything’s inside of there.

I would encourage you to get from one to the other just depending on where you’re at. Once again if you’re a beginner, Freedom Challenge, if you’re already an agency owner you’re looking to scale up, jump into High Ticket Agency right away, you’ll love it. Looking forward to helping you out and helping you use this software too, and I’ll be seeing you in the next video.

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