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Setting up a new window system v8 desktop or a laptop. It is a fantastic task. I mean you love it but there are a lot of people who are not sure what Best Apps and Software to install on a new PC. How to go about it so well this blog is dedicated to all of you. Who is looking to set up your new Windows 10 PC I’m not sure what apps you’d install first.

So well what are we waiting for my name is Sanaullah, you’re reading world-class blogs and website blogs, and let’s talk about the Best Apps & Software for any new Windows PC. Let’s get started with simple but a very important tool for every Windows machine out there. The name of the tool is shut up 10.

Shut Up – 10:

This particular tool is dedicated to privacy. If you’re not sure how private your Windows 10 PC is because there are many switches. There you go into settings, and there is like webcam microphone. There are a lot of things that can be a tedious task to go inside each and every setting to control your privacy. Where this app comes in you just need to download and launch it. Since it’s a portable app you don’t even need to install it and then all you need to do is toggle the settings inside. You can change various options here and adjust the privacy settings to please yourself. If you are unsure of the options to play around with. There’s also a recommended settings mode that will take care of the privacy settings for you. So that was about privacy now let’s move on to downloading stuff.

Download Manager:

You need a download manager and that is the second app on the list. You will be downloading apps for any video, the apps will be talking about but then there are a lot of other apps that, you might need to download. You need a download manager and Mick McGee. We recently stumbled upon this app. It’s a pretty good one, so right off the bat, the interface is the most modern and clean looking out. There across our download managers but it’s not on duty. The software does a pretty good job of fetching files from your browser or even adding them manually. The schedule feature is pretty good too. It offers pretty much what you expect from a good download manager with an easy-to-use interface and super-fast acceleration.

Compression Tools:

The name of the app is $0.07 now see windows come with a built-in system using which you can compress files into a zip folder or extract a zip folder. Then it doesn’t work for 7-zip files or Araya files, So for that, you can install 7-zip which is completely free and open-source software that supports all compression formats. There so whether it’s zip RAR or 7-zip, it can handle it all. We can use it to create your own archives as well and the compression ratio is pretty good too. That’s not all 7-zip also works on file like ISO so those ISO files you can extract it using 7-zip, that’s not all you can also use it to extract XML document files. Let’s say Docx or ppt and so much more so well 7-zip is one soft utility for all your compression needs on Windows 10.


and now let’s move on to an anti-virus app now it’s a big debate if you need antivirus out in Windows 10 because see the fact is Windows Defender has come a long way and it’s pretty good but then I actually insist on a second layer of security just in case it’s not harming anything right so well for that you can install and try malwarebytes not only does it do a great job of cleaning the PC but it’s AI can also prevent from system against new sorts of viruses in fact the software also got a flawless cleanup support at av-test dot o-r-g now the main reason why I prefer this is because it doesn’t interfere with Windows Defender and does not occupy a lot of resources either and well that’s all I need it’s silent doesn’t consume a lot of resources and is free to use so next let’s talk about a media player and well the only name the only name which I’ll recommend to all of you out there is VLC and I’ve been using it for god knows how many years so VLC has been at the throne for the best video player for a long time and for good reasons while it’s not perfect it’s definitely the coolest sensit of a support for a huge library of codex has a simple and easy to use interface doesn’t take a lot of system memory and is completely free also did you know that we all seek and convert your video files format as well it’s literally all in one package and I can easily recommend it to you without any issues next let’s talk about office and see Microsoft might give you 30 days of free trial for office but then that’s all it doesn’t give you any free alternative unless you are going for an online version yes online office is free but for desktop installation you need to pay Microsoft some money but then there is an alternative and well the best alternative that I can suggest is free office so free office is just like Microsoft Office and for the most part except that it’s free you get almost the same interface fully compatible with Microsoft file formats and a wide array of tools and much more it’s easily one of my personal favorite free office apps for Windows out there but then you don’t have to settle for just this one we have a dedicated video that we have talked about some pool office alternatives that you can try and you must have a look at it I’ll provide you with the links in the description of this video and now moving on to the next stop the name is launching and this is one of my personal favorite apps and you’ll love it especially if you are moving from Mac OS to a Windows PC now I don’t know the reason why you’re doing that but just in case if you are moving from Mac to Windows you must install this app so using yuan-chi is really simple you just need to install it and configure the directories you wanted to search once it has finished indexing you can launch the search panel anywhere by just tapping alt + space we can search for anything be it apps images videos or just about any other file if it is in the directory you indexed launching will show it trust me if you have not used this app you must it will really increase your productivity throughout the day I am moving on the next app I will recommend for you guys would be shared and it’s a pretty cool app for all your screen shots or your screencasting names on Windows 10 now share X is a super simple tool that you can install to capture your screen easily it’s free and works amazingly well apart from the simple screen shot mode you can even record the screen on Windows 10 in the highest quality without any issues now share X does require you to install another module from within the app and if you want an even simpler way out we have another video talking about the best screen recording softwares for Windows so do check that out as well and now before we wrap up let me talk about a bonus app that’s called the night now see all the apps that I’ve talked about they are there for a reason but then apart from that you might want to download a browser let’s say even two or three browser let’s open up Chrome Firefox you might want to install so many apps out there and ninite can help you with that so it’s a website where you can choose or like all the apps that you want to download and it will generate a single click in syllable file for you so after you download the app just click on it to install all the apps that you have selected and it will be done without any issues and it’s pretty cool so guys those were the best apps for Windows 10 PC that you must install in 2020 now if you like this video please do give us a thumbs up if you haven’t subscribed to our Channel please do with that subscribe button as well as the Bell I can out there so well that’s all in this one and I hope to see you in our next video until then take care and have a wonderful day.

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