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Digital Marketing

With covid-19 more and more businesses every day are going online. Maybe they have an offline business and covid-19 forces them to pivot. They’re thinking about how I virtualize and digitize. What do we do they’re thinking about how do I sell to a bigger audience. How do I not just serve a local market but a global market? Now, what does that mean to you there’s more money flowing towards online digital marketing and all these businesses, all these companies.

What do they need for digital marketers they need someone with an experience they help them with different aspects of digital marketing maybe is to manage their social media profiles maybe it’s for building funnels maybe it’s for copywriting maybe it’s for driving paid traffic there are so many ways that you could help these businesses so if you’re thinking about starting a career in digital marketing and you’re not so sure which path.

They should take what you do first and how do you actually get started in this video Jeremy Haynes my digital marketing advisor he’s going to teach you exactly what’s the first step you got to take to start a career in digital marketing enjoy this video so in this video I’m going to talk to you about how to start a career in digital marketing we’re going to go on a little beach walk over here heads up the place I live you can actually drive on the beach so I’m sure once we come over this little dune over here we’ll see some people but it is what it is when I first got started in digital marketing I got a lucky break.

I didn’t really know about digital marketing I was selling phones inside of this thing called Costco it’s like a big bulk warehouse thing anyway long story short I sold a phone to a guy one day his name was Peter and I’m extremely thankful for peter you know I wouldn’t be who I am today without him he saw something to me that I probably didn’t even see myself and uh he hired me and he uh he just had me do all this stuff that I’d never heard of I know awareness on how to do just all these different digital marketing actions.

What I didn’t know then he was exposing me to all these different skills that would eventually become some of the most in-demand skills that businesses pay a lot of money for so he was having me do things like creating emails generating leads for his business you know managing websites or even creating these things called funnels you know I was doing things like running ads posting on social media like working inside of his team coordinating with the staff telling him all the cool things look at this dune this thing’s pretty steep you guys want to see me climb up this thing put some cool music right here jay like something Olympic.

You know to show how athletic I am going up the dune yeah I got a lot of wind over here back to peter so he had me doing all this random stuff I’d never done before I didn’t know anything you know like this guy peter just had me doing all this random stuff and he expected me to figure it out what was cool about when I was first getting started I didn’t have awareness like I didn’t tell myself like oh it’s going to be hard like I didn’t tell myself I can’t do it.

You know I just committed to figuring out and trying to do what this guy hired me to do what ended up being really interesting about peter one day he came to me and he was like you know I’m just shutting it down you got a job until about Friday you’re on your own I’d thankfully worked that job for about four months so I’d gone from selling phones to doing all this stuff I had like no comprehension of that I just built a lot of skills doing I updated my resume I went on it’s like a resume hosting site ended up getting an interview with this guy named grant got in grant Cardone he hired me as his email marketing manager at the time I was creating marketing automation.

You know eventually, I got to run a lot of ads for Mr grant uh made him a lot of money you know got to work with his team if I could go back and I could do it all again I’ll teach you exactly what I just taught my sister and my sister called me the other week and she was like you know I’m not going to air out all her business but she’s working at Starbucks she was going to school she had a little bit of medical debt and it was really tough for you to know like she was in a bad spot and she was like what do I do so I gave her a whole bunch of books to read some of the books that I had her read that I really encourage you to read as well there’s a book called the slight edge it’s a book called rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

I had to read some of the books from my old boss grant 10x rule seller is sold I then just had her start taking a bunch of online courses I had her take one of mine called high ticket agency shows how to become an agency owner like all these different digital marketing skills and she’s slowly increased her awareness now what I told her to do exactly what I would tell you to do something I tell my own family is you want to get to the point where you have enough awareness where you actually can be valuable for a business whether you have experience doing it or not businesses will take a risk on hiring you because it’s going to be cheaper to hire you than it’s going to be to hire an established agency or somebody.

Who already knows what to do what you want to do is update your resume to show that you have these different skills that you’ve accumulated by learning them you want to tell businesses quite directly like look I don’t have any experience applying what I’ve learned I’ve just taken the time to educate myself and you just want to show them all the different books you’ve read show them all the different courses you’ve taken they’re going to respect them you want to seek what’s called a temp job that’s what I told my sister to do I’m like look her name’s abby I said abby you need to find a temp agency where you live she moved from ohio down to a city in texas and I told her I’m like look you need to hit up every temp agency that exists and you need to ask them you need to say look I’m seeking a digital marketing job and you need to just find a job that’s going to hire you just like I got my lucky break with peter you need to find somebody who’s just willing to take the risk.

So you can start applying all these new skills that you just became aware of you got to be in a position where you’re willing to go through a period of time where you’re a little bit underpaid as like a temp you know attempt means that you’re going to work somewhere for a temporary period of time like three months is typically the term and if you do a good enough job they’ll hire you on full time now once you get hired in or even once you’re a temp and you’re able to start applying all these different skills that you’ve just learned and become aware of you’re going to see yourself starting to perpetuate your knowledge you’re going to see yourself being able to to be more aware of what’s possible with the skills that you started to learn because typically after you become aware of something and you start doing it you’re able to increase the perceptual level of what you can handle in that skill set.

You know so you can learn more you can become more advanced you can eventually reach mastery after a certain time a little windy let’s go back here my part of the dunes over here you can also just pitch businesses on the new skills that you have so you want to use the place that has hired you for whatever digital skills you’re providing them you want to use that result you’re able to generate that business to go and find other businesses who are going to be willing to pay you to get them results like what you generated the business that hired you for your job learn the skills then try to get hired it’s like a temp or eventually get a job as a digital marketer then pitch businesses on hiring you outside of your jobs.

You can increase your income and once you increase your income to a certain point you can replace the income from your job with freelance income getting started in digital marketing as a career is pretty simple it’s i told my sister as an expectation and i would tell the same to you it’s about a year process is what i experienced of getting the skills getting hired to do the skills kind of replacing the income and then going full time on your own as a freelancer or as a digital marketer or as an agency owner eventually it can take a little longer for some people it could take a little less long depending on how much action you take and how fast you can kind of work through that process i rarely see people that skip over those steps most people who are already working a job if they buy course or like if they become aware of something that they can do in the digital space still takes a little bit of time because they have to pitch businesses and they have to replace their job income before they can go full time into the marketing career but i think the safest way to do it is exactly.

What I told my sister is exactly what I passed down to you as well as the viewer so you know my way of contributing to the digital marketing community and helping get people in this game there’s such a big need for more people doing these things, okay I created this thing with Sana Kakar it’s called the digital agency launchpad it’s a free mini-course it’s just meant to increase your awareness help you become aware of some of those different skills that you can use uh paid strategies organic stress just a bunch of cool stuff it’s gonna help make you some money and help you start this process of creating a digital marketing career I look forward to helping you out um starting to rain a little bit so we go back inside but yeah thanks for watching look forward to helping you out.

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