Digital Marketing: How To Start Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

If you have ever had this experience. You are checking out your Facebook feed and suddenly you see an ad asking you to click on something or buy something. You’re watching a youtube video and suddenly you see a pre-roll app, an app that pops up before you could click on it and watch your favorite video. What am I talking about? I’m talking about digital marketing with covid-19, which made more and more money flowing online, more purchases are being made online and guess what more advertisers and more businesses, they’re spending more dollars online?

Do you know there’s a way, you can actually make money by helping businesses to advertise online? What are we talking about? We’re talking about digital marketing in this Blog. My digital marketing advisor Devid is gonna walk you through step by step exactly? how do you get started with digital marketing also by the way? He’s going to show you how to make a stick enjoy. I’m going to talk you through step by step how you can get started with social media marketing to be clear. There are a bunch of things you could do inside of the social media space.

When you’re just getting started by the way smoked sea salt is way better than regular sea salt some of the things I got started with back in the day that helped me a ton just really simple services to execute on was just selling social media management like we would just create content.

We’d post it on people’s pages by the way another pro tip side no smoked paprika anyway back to the point. I’m trying to make if I was just getting started at like the very beginning. I would need to know what is social media marketing because I mean you could go into like Facebook and Facebook owns Instagram, their own WhatsApp, their own messenger, and what I would want to understand is like am I advertising there.

Am I advertising on google Adwords? You know Google AdWords has the search engine which definitely isn’t a social media platform? it’s got youtube does that count as youtube. I guess yeah am I posting content like I was when I first got started or am I advertising that’s what I want to get clarity on.

Because they’re two completely different games, so let’s say I’m advertising the very first thing. I want to do is just get the skill of being an advertiser. There are a few like subset skills that are a part of that number one is copywriting pretty much everything that you sell on the internet is going to be copywriting based.

It’s going to be something that you need to type in order to sell somebody or to get somebody to take a specific action. Other things that relate to advertising are obviously the know-how of the platform like what to do inside and like what all the buttons are and like how you know the dashboards work and like how to read data the cool part is about all these different ad channels like facebook they got this thing called the facebook blueprint it’s actually a free course from facebook directly google has one if you wanted to learn how to advertise on youtube called the google skill shop they don’t really teach strategies like they don’t teach how to do a set of actions you know they teach you like an individual action and then you got to be smart enough to kind of like piece it all together yourself it’s kind of a downside and obviously there’s tons of people out there myself included where we actually teach everything that we know on how to do different things on these different social platforms now that’s an investment you’re gonna make could be anywhere from like a couple hundred bucks to a couple thousand bucks depending on how much it’s probably gonna make you some of the other things i would do if i was just getting started dude i’d get plugged into communities places where other advertisers or places where other regular people are trying to make money through social media man i’ll get tapped into those so once again if i’m trying to advertise i’m getting connected to communities i’m taking all the free courses out there that are available from the channels themselves on top of that i’m probably going to spend a little bit of money to actually get into a course you know back back when i got started unfortunately like there wasn’t a lot of the courses that are available today it was pretty much just me trying on my own taking a little bit of experience i accumulated in jobs and like trying to figure out how to go about starting a marketing agency but anyway let’s use the other side of the equation so let’s say you’re trying to get started just with social media marketing and you know you want to use it for organic means there’s a bunch of ways you could do that you could as an example do what i’m doing here create youtube videos post consistently on your channel youtube’s very long term play out knows you know not not very short term but applewood smoke chunks i find these way more effective than the little smoke pieces you know what i’m saying little pieces of wood these are my puppies a little pepito and oreo they’re not allowed outside so yeah anyway long story short like let’s say i’m trying to post stuff organically and like that’s my game i don’t think that there’s a lot of organic ways to grow an instagram or a facebook page nowadays i think facebook and instagram are very pay to play linkedin and tick tock are the two that i think that you can still grow organically on which is which is very important to consider like linkedin is an example you’re creating like they call it post content you know we’re actually writing out like long form content there’s also a lot of kids nowadays and some adults to be clear not just to say it’s only kids but tick tock dude an insane amount of people are getting a lot of organic growth on tick tock i think that’s really cool there’s tons of different ways that you can go about marketing yourself on that platform but a lot of it once again is just creating content around a specific category that you later want to attract customers in every piece of content should be strategic it shouldn’t just be like a random piece of content you know it should be it should be something good by the way charcoal setup no gas not how we roll smoking meats okay smoking meats youtube definitely you can still organically grow just takes a lot longer than some of the other channels like tick-tock can go viral overnight um instagram reels i think that’s another platform like within instagram that does have some potential to get you some organic reach but i don’t necessarily think that it’s going to happen like overnight i mean tic toc it could be your first post and you can get yo i remember my first post i made on tick tock oh my god i bet he just sh himself oh my god oh that video got 216 000 views on tick tock uh that was my first ever post that i made you know that kind of blew my mind when that happened but anyway point is youtube long term linkedin kinda long term tick tock could go viral overnight instagram reels could be solid hopefully they just unleash the the reach floodgates a little bit more than they have currently but those would be the ways that i’d focus on organic social media marketing to be clear it’s the same kind of thing as what i mentioned with paid you know you want to get to the point where you get connected to a community of other people who are doing the same thing and all have a central goal to grow without spending money if you want to grow organically if you really want to be valuable you’ll do both and you’ll find a way to get connected and to educate yourself on both paths both paid social media marketing and organic social media marketing so i hope this helps i hope it gives you what you need and i hope that you take action because this is a very incredible space it does give you a lot of freedom gives you a lot of choices uh you know it doesn’t keep you bound inside of big cities you can you know you really work wherever you got an internet connection which is cool i’ve got to meet some of the greatest people i’d i never thought i’d meet just by doing this kind of stuff and on top of that it’s one of the most advancing careers that you can have linkedin is the company not some random person on linkedin but like the actual organization themselves they just announced that digital marketing was the most in-demand career skill in 2020. i don’t know if you’re watching this video in the future but it’s definitely going to be more in demand in the future as well it’s not just like peaking in 2020 you know if you want to learn more cool stuff it’s a few different things you could do we just launched this thing it’s called the digital agency launch pad it’s like a mini course it gives you some content gives you some awareness on what you can do to start your own digital marketing agency and you know remember awareness leads to being able to take advantage of opportunities when you’re unaware of things you can’t do anything about it you know once you have awareness on how to do stuff that’s where you can take advantage that’s when opportunities become present until then you’re just in the dark in addition to that dan lok and i we do do this thing called the freedom challenge the freedom challenge pretty cool uh it’s like under 100 bucks to get in and we go live for five days there’s one coming up here in the next couple weeks some of those classes went for like four hours you know most of them average about two hours you know we answer people’s questions for the vips that join in and on top of that we give a ton of data on how to start a marketing agency which is one of the most that’s why we needed the freedom challenge it gives you the most freedom out of any other kind of vehicle you could start on the internet in terms of a business and that’s easy to do alongside of a job like doesn’t really require you to like quit a job and dedicate a ton of time to it obviously the more time you have the better but you know it’s easy to transition out of jobs over 3100 students a lot of them very successful that have gone through that process gone through those trainings really encourage you to join into it as well the freedom challenge and the digital agency launch pad whichever one might be right for you or maybe both uh look forward to helping you more i’ll see you in the next videos i’m gonna go cook this steak and lobster i’m very hungry i’ll uh see you guys soon.

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