Digital Marketing: Seven Terms You Need To Know In 2022

Digital Marketing

i always say the distance between where you are to where you want to go is the words that you use words are very very powerful words shape our world words shape our beliefs so whenever you want to learn something new you want to learn a new skill you want to have a new career i believe there are certain words that we need to be aware of just like when you’re learning a new language it’s no different je m’appelle claude you’re the coop plow so in this video jeremy haynes my digital marketing advisor he’s going to teach you seven words that you should know when it comes to your digital marketing career enjoy hey guys what’s going on it’s jeremy coming at you from the golf cart in front of the house i wanted to give you seven different key terms that you need to know in 2021 and 2022 these are digital marketing terms that are going to help you become more aware whether you’re a beginner whether you’re more advanced some of these might help you given where you’re at in your digital marketing journey let’s dive right in first one which is common earlier in this year was called cbo otherwise known as campaign budget optimization this was rolled out on facebook in place of ad set budget optimization it moved the budget from a campaign from the ad set level to the campaign level when this happens and you use cbo inside of your ad campaigns facebook in this instance or the other ad channels that might be leveraging cbo divides your budget between the ad sets that you have within that campaign and eventually they bias towards the winning ad sets pretty effective for testing that way you as an advertiser don’t have to stay tapped in looking at your computer 12 hours a day facebook and their new cbo campaign budget optimization allow you to kind of be a little more hands off in that regard second term that you need to know is dynamic ads now dynamic ads have been around for a while however in 2020 and likely 2021 there is much more usage of this term in comparison to previous years dynamic ads have been pushed a lot more frequently across all these different ad channels because they’re that much more effective in most instances in comparison to standalone static ads the essence of a dynamic ad is just adding more than one variable for whatever the creative assets are as an example you can add up to 10 images or 10 videos you can add up to five different pieces of body copy or you can add up to five different headlines you know dynamic ads are very effective in the sense that facebook or google adwords or whatever ad channel you might be using take all those creative assets and they test them out with one another just based on the amount of variables that you contribute enables you to easily find the amount of total variations that you’re going to have that these ad platforms are going to test on your behalf that helps you as an advertiser because the same way that campaign budget optimization eventually biases towards the winner it’s the same thing with dynamic ads there’s also a little toggle in the facebook ads manager on the ad level that says optimize this ad for the person so facebook has an average of 52 000 data points on an average user that means they have a pretty good chance of knowing out of all the creative assets that you’ve added into your dynamic ad which combination might have the highest probability of getting the person they’re targeting to convert trust the process leverage dynamic ads third different term is content marketing now there’s a few different ways that you can understand this okay how i used to understand it was you take content the simplest way to go about content marketing is to boost the post potentially even just towards your existing audience especially on facebook and instagram nowadays you might be reaching five to ten percent of the total people that follow your page just spending five dollars to get in front of everybody who follows you is an effective way to content market you can also spend money on content to get it in front of people who don’t know you yet a lot of people do that in an attempt to build followers or a multitude of other reasons one way that i’ve come to know content marketing i’ve created three different content first advertising strategies the venus fly trap the harvester and the forester all extremely effective i encourage you to learn each one of them they allow you to take content put it in front of ideal customers re-target those customers based on the interaction they had with that content for extremely cheap cost it’s kind of like email list building content marketing is the same way except you get the ability to re-target somebody who interacts with your content or who interacts with your social media for up to one year from the day that they last interacted pretty cool and the costs are insanely cheap i usually average about a tenth of a penny per engagement meaning .001 is what i see in my ads manager in order to get somebody retargetable this is both on youtube facebook instagram linkedin’s about six to 20 times more expensive for any kind of cost per whatever you’re optimizing for but you can do this on linkedin too content first advertising strategies are starting to pick up steam i mean hell i had two different big personal brands that i almost had to sue who tried to copy my content first advertising strategies and name it as their own content marketing is a need to know cost effective advertising strategy that will help you lower your costs to acquire customers and from what we’ve seen across the last six years now we’ve been leveraging content first ad strategies they get far more buyers in comparison to just standard direct response i like to consider standard direct responses like being a digital clipboard sales person you’re no different than the person who goes door-to-door selling knives when you’re just pitching every person that comes across your ad in the timeline give value to people first frame people first establish the right biases then hit them into direct response ads costs go down buyer volume goes up okay this next term i absolutely hate sometimes when you people out there you advertisers who come up with these random terms they suck okay this one sucks it’s called tofu top of funnel why don’t we just say top of funnel guys usually there’s multiple stages inside of a funnel i’m sure at this point in your life you’ve probably seen somebody get up on a whiteboard and draw a picture of a funnel and talk about the different stages of what happens at each step in the marketing process tofu oh god awful top of funnel means the awareness stage or it could mean for the direct response advertisers out there the first exposure to an ad or the first step to getting to a landing page an opt-in page a sales page wherever you’re initially driving traffic to is typically what the tofu is don’t use that term please just say top of funnel if you’re going to understand that term and start to apply it into your vernacular all right next term is utm parameters there’s a lot of tools right now that are leveraging utm parameters they’ve been around for a long time but because there’s some new tools that are reporting in creative ways i think it’s important to just bring up this term and what it means at its base definition okay so utms otherwise known as utm parameters are just ways to track a url to a specific source where somebody came from common ways or common variables inside of a utm parameter you is uh is things like the medium like where the traffic is coming from the campaign name you can customize the hell out of utms as well down to a specific target audience down to a specific ad it helps you a lot google analytics has leveraged utms for years uh but a lot of new tools like hirose and and wicked reports wicked report’s been around a lot longer than highrose to be clear but nonetheless both of those tools are getting more notoriety than less nowadays and they both leverage utm parameters extensively understand like when you work with a client it’s best practices at this point to make sure that you’re tracking things especially when they’re doing an omnipresent advertising approach meaning if they’re advertising on multiple channels even if they just have organic channels that are generating customers and you come in and do paid ads for the first time it’s best practices to have utm parameters on everything okay this next term data enrichment and cleaning a lot of the times nowadays i see it coming up more so for advertising based audiences than i do for email lists i feel like for email lists this term has been around for a while where you might have a bunch of dirty data inside of your email lists or emails that are giving you what’s called a hard bounce data enrichment and cleaning i find is more used nowadays once again for ad channels you might have somebody who paid for likes you know so if you go or they paid for followers they paid for subscribers or something like that therefore if you go try to create an audience for that person based on their followers or based on their subscribers or based on people who follow them or like their page that’s not going to be a good audience to target so you need to become aware of the advertiser or marketer okay when did you buy likes when did it stop because then you can create the audience still but it has to be from the day after they did all that forward so they lose all that data that might have been real beyond the time that they actually did that data enrichment and cleaning i find is going to be a much more common term i’m finding it come up more and more nowadays especially outside of the email domain where i feel like it was previously used a lot more frequently okay and the last term is single source of truth this one will really bite you in the butt if you let it and it’s when you allow a client that you’re working with or you allow your own business to operate on just one data source so if you look at the facebook ads dashboard and you trust that 100 entirely or you go look at your google ads dashboard and you trust that 100 entirely i guarantee there’s discrepancy there commonly nowadays we find these ad channels are over reporting or under reporting at a much higher rate a majority of the time in comparison to being accurate therefore if we just operated on that that’d be considered a single source of truth we need multiple sources of truth we need a funnel dashboard with analytics of its own to compare against our ads dashboard we need google analytics so we can triangulate the data and so we can find which one of these reporting tools might be accurate or if all three have a discrepancy between them we need the crm data to be accurate uh within the funnels if you have any embedded tools like commonly on lead generation funnels you’ll find type form jotform schedule ones calendly acuity booking whatever it might be that you’re choosing to use we want all of those to be unique for each funnel that way we can go in there and we can verify against the other data sources what’s real and which one of those platforms might have a discrepancy don’t operate on a single source of truth but know what the term is because it’s going to help you in case a client starts to talk about it or in case you need to bring it up in a conversation all right cool these were seven different terms that you need to know in 2020 and 2021 these will all be helpful to you especially if you apply some of the lessons after you become aware of them if you weren’t aware prior i look forward to seeing what you do with it if you want to become aware of some more cool stuff related to digital marketing and the agency space dan lok and i we put together a free what you call it’s kind of like a preview of a course called the digital agency launch pad it’s our bribe to show you a bunch of really just awesome information that’s going to help you as a marketer make some internet money become an agency owner start and scale an agency it’s our bribe to you to get you into our full program hta high ticket agency the link’s in the description if you want access to it once again it’s called the digital agency launch pad links below do me a favor like comment drop a comment below and let me know what you guys want to see next i look forward to seeing you guys in the next video i’m gonna go and ride this golf cart around my neighborhood it’s a beautiful day to do so hope you enjoy your day too use these terms alright peace out.

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