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Program Associate Job Description

The Position/Purpose of Position:

Program Associate Job Description: Program Description reporting directly to Senior Manager. Generate various MIS & manual requisitions as per need like cash advance, office supplies, Travel authorization, Payment orders, Goods receiving note GRN, etc. keep a record of all financial and administrative matters. Prepare a schedule of meetings and workshops. Provide facilitation to section staff in the stationery provision, arrangement of vehicles for field visits and other routine tasks.

Rural Support Programme

Rural Support Programme (BRSP) is a Non-political, Non-Religious, Non-Governmental, and Not Profit Organization, striving to bring improvement in the well-being of the rural communities of Balochistan, with a presence throughout Balochistan. The overall mission of BRSP is to facilitate the establishment and improvement of sustainable livelihoods for the rural poor in Balochistan.

V i s i o n :

“A prosperous Balochistan where people especially the poor and women are provided with equal livelihood opportunities and are not socially and economically excluded”.

M i s s i o n :

“To harness potential of the rural poor to help themselves, assume control of local development and improve their standard of living”.


S t r a t e g i c i n p u t:

·    Assist Sr. Manager in the provision of administrative & financial record keeping.

P r o g r a m e M a n a g e m e n t:

·    Assist Sr. Manager in record keeping of projects specific folders.  

T e a m M a n a g e m e n t:

·    Work closely with section staff, admin & finance sections.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Ensure custodianship of all resources and assets in the section through section inventory management and random validation.
  • Generate various and manual validation as per Cash Advance, office supply, Travel authorization, payment order, Good receiving Note GRN, and budget from field visits to districts.
  • Keeping a record of all financial and administrative matters.
  • Processing adjustments of Field Visits, Exposure visits Workshops, and Meetings after completing the activity.
  • Ensure, collect, categorize, and coordinate with the project team for all documentation and reporting-related requests (case studies, stories, success stories, one pager, and organization requirements) and respond to them in consultation with the organization.
  • Undertake field visits to the relevant program areas covered by the Sahyatra II project to document the SOSEC program and its impacts.
  • Be the project focal point to coordinate brand compliance in coordination with the Save the Children Reporting and Documentation team. 
  • Contribute to SOSEC, Sahayatra II internal communication mechanisms (Facebook, Newsletter, and social media sites) 
  • Support the project to ensure efficient and accurate information flow between the organization and Save the Children.
  • Representing the Sahayatra II Project related to the media and communication work of the organization 
  • Undertake assignments outside of the site office area as requested by the Program Director.
  • Collect the case stories and submit them to Save the Children periodically. 
  • Support to the project team for the publication of print materials and ensure visibility compliance of the project and organization
  • Maintaining and updating lists of Stakeholders (of ongoing Projects, Community members, Politicians or Scholars, etc).
  • Communicating with districts about sharing timely receiving of ongoing projects and also compiling hard & soft copies of receiving as an internal record of the organization and any time donor requirement.
  • Prepare a schedule of meetings and workshops etc.
  • Providing staff facilitation such as Stationery, arrangement of vehicles for staff field visits and supporting in other routine tasks.
  • Preparing schedule and internal requests for accommodation and logistics of visiting mission/delegation.
  • Maintaining an adequate inventory of office supplies including tagging delivered capital items to districts.
  • Perform any other task by the Manager.
  • Collecting beneficiary data from district offices and compiling the data.

Monitoring, Documentation, and reporting

  • Collect, compile and analyze program information/ data and provide feedback to project staff at the district level and Gurans Rural Municipality and when required to obtain usable data for compiling and analysis.
  • Support to Program Director for quality reporting to Save the Children and concerned stakeholders 
  • Coordinate with the project staff, MEAL staff, and Palika/district-based government line agencies, for implementation of media-communication, documentation, and reporting related information and statistics. 
  • Capacity building of Project staff for case collection, documentation, and information dissemination/reporting, and supportive supervision as necessary.
  • Assist in the preparation of community-level assessment, communication, case collection tools, and analysis tools for reporting and presentation.  
  • Assist, support, and provide inputs on studies/assessments/drafted reports and documents to be submitted to Organization and Save the Children. 
  • Contribute to documentation and preparation of best practices. 
  • Spend at least 40% of time at the field with proper coaching and technical support to project staffs, beneficiaries, and concerned authorities.
  • Prepare factsheets of the ECCDs, Schools, Child Protection mechanisms, Child clubs, CFLG committees etc.
  • Process documentations (My First Baby, Choices, voices and promises, CSE, PwV, CIJ, Child fund, Matching fund, policies, procedures, strategies etc.)
  • Compile of the monthly reports, prepare quarterly key highlights, monthly bulletin, compile the event reports
  • Prepare the event report of palika level programs (Training, orientation, workshop, interactions, dialogues etc.
  • Compilation of final data and managed all hard copy documents of the program related activities

Capacity Development of Staffs

  • Motivate project staff and make sure that they have a clear understanding of reporting, documentation, case stories, and donor compliances of the project in line with SCI and Project requirements. 
  • Work closely with the line manager and project team to build the capacity of project staff through coaching, mentoring, and training. 
  • Prepare communication and documentation plan and executive accordingly. 
  • Capacity building of staff on report writing, case stories, success stories, best practices, etc.

Planning, Budgeting, and project implementation

  • Support to Program Director on project planning processes with realistic phased budget in consultation with different stakeholders, children and beneficiaries.
  • Maintain functional coordination and relation with district and Rural municipality stakeholders and ensure Organization visibility.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Record of the project and Programme activities, stationery and others are well maintained.
  • Section inventory is well tagged and smart outlook is maintained with appropriate IEC     material.
  • All machines in the section are in well position and logs are maintained.
  • Section staff is satisfied with her attitude and performance.
  • A record of the section work plans is maintained.
  • Collecting beneficiary data from district teams and compiling data.


The assistant program officer will exercise his authority to make ensure all compliance at the office level as per the policy of BRSP.

Internal and External Interactions:

·    D i s t r i c t C o o r d i n a t o r s:

·    H I D T e a m :

·    H R & A d m i n M an n a g e r:

·    Go v t . O f f i c i a l s / o t h e r e n t i t i e s:

Knowledge & Skills:

·    Organization’s Vision, Mission & Goals.

·    Related local laws, guidelines, and standards.

·    Water Resource Management and linked livelihood opportunities.

·    Leadership and Team building Skills.

·    Strong Negotiation skills.

·    Computer Skills.


·    People’s Person.

·    Positive and optimistic.

·    Collaborative.

·    Advisory.

·    Open to new ideas.

Experience and Education:

  • 4 months working with BRSP overall 4 years in BUITEMS.
  • BS (Biotechnology & informatics) is equal to 16years of education.

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